Who Am I?


The time for self indulgent rant begins NOW
That's not too dramatic is it?

Thats Me ! Also some rando guy at the restaurants who knows?

I started this blog as a way to cataloge all my baking  . Oh btw, I love to bake! Been doing that for a good few years . Although the beginning was lined by a series of oven sob stories and sunken cakes. But hey ! practice makes a man perfect , and a woman goddess level perfect . ( I just called myself a goddes, Jeez Sophia get a grip)
Essentially I'm one of those spring-in-my-step , jazz-handing , rhyme-talking, recently-adult girls. There are others I swear! I'm also on my way to become one of those fancy bajillion layer wedding cake makers. I'll get there someday . Until then I'm just drown the voices of the world in some badass batterwhipping. 

Have fun cakehopping :)


  1. Came across your blog through Eatlo! Didn't read much but looking at the pictures and being someone who also bakes for fun quite liked it :).

    1. :)
      Thank you. Hope you find something useful

  2. Congratulations!! Finally reached and took a stroll through your blog...loved it! The recipes, the pictures and most of all your love for food oozing out of each word! Keep it up. wishing you loads of success!!